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Shasta County

Elevator Pitch Video Link  Product
 Click Here Klima Gear
Click Here  All Around Pizzeria 
Click Here The Swirlie
Click Here Front View Car Camera
Click Here Redding Indoor Skate Park
Click Here Stretch-Away
Click Here Chroma
Click Here Text Saver
Click Here Simple Spray
Click Here FAR Ink
Click Here Stairage
Click Here The Remix
Click Here Stay-Tooth
Click Here Fun Read
Click Here Higher Grounds Dance Shoes
Click Here Meals on Wheels that Heal (may change)
Click Here BoGo
Click Here Sha-Mop
Click Here Simply Stethoscope
Click Here Gas for Grades
Click Here Sprinter Pants
Click Here Natural Essentials
Click Here Photospray
Click Here Locked Up Laser Leveling
Click Here FreezeMate
Click Here Revision longboards
Click Here Joy in a Jar
Click Here The Diego
Click Here The Heated Horse Saddle
Click Here Pure-Layers
Click Here Shasta College Farm Store
Click Here Canonical Colour
Click Here Captains of the Future
Click Here Ranch-All
Click Here NeverLost
Click Here Tamaki Quads
Click Here The Tracking Wrist Watch for Kids
Click Here Base cover
Click Here Wild Eye Dye
Click Here Cowboy Cozy
Click Here Flava Blast
Click Here Unstressful Drive
Click Here DuoMaxx Coilover
Click Here The Marvelous Nail Magician
Click Here Shavertooth Tiger
Click Here Digi Lecture
Click Here The Flower Zinger
Click Here Navigation Station
Click Here NewNatural
Click Here Peace and Love Life Artistry
Click Here Grow Strong
Click Here FOF 117
Click Here Book N' a Box 
Click Here FreeBeats
Click Here The Retriever
Click Here Spray N Case
Click Here App: My Closet
Click Here SMash Cams
Click Here Tiny Houses


Shasta County

Team Name Team Members Elevator Pitch Link
#21 Construct GREEN Danae Jocson Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#22 Victual Carnage Chankler Ackerman

Watch Elevator Pitch Video

Sierra Green
#26 ClearNOW Jessica Scaggs Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Schae Gustafson
Hannah Crouse
#27 The Wallet Guru Kayla Dickens Watch Elevator Pitch Video
David Rose
Tanner Jackson
#28 Nature Paws Jake Fitzgerald Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Rebecca Gartner
Meagan Mullin
#29 BLINK Domenic D'Acquisto Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Jill d'Amico
Samantha Synder
#31 Nature's Scent Daria Afonskaia Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#34 Eat Right Zach Trowbridge Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Kim Naves
Chelsea Armstrong
#35 Cure-All-Aid Brittany Brock  
Carrissa Schmitt
#38 LLC LED Lighting Leslie Wood Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Charli Edwards
Lindsey Woodard
#39 Music Ear Brian Lindauer Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#51  Peyton Marketing Services Josh Peyton  
#52      Unlox Nathaniel Fort Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#55 NexusPage Austin Matthews  
#60 Day & Night Teen Club & Lounge Bryan Aylesbury  
Karlee Carter
David Carpenter
#65 v3 Designz Javier Alvarado  
#66 The food maker Bryan Hewitt Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Oscar Ortiz
Malachi Brumley
#68 Nature on the Run Kelsey Lusso Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#70 Camp Sign Brittanie Brown Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#72 Beauty Bottle Ashley Willits Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Joelle Hansen
#73 EZ $can $ave Kart Janette Paramo Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#74 Synthetic Remote Keith Rincon Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#76 Old Car New/Relaxing Ashley Bagnato Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#78 Pickle Farm Madison Hall Watch Elevator Pitch Video


Siskiyou County

Team Name Team Members Elevator Pitch Link
#40 NorCal Sports Hut Daniel Howell Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#41 Baby Cakes Company Lexi Cheula Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#42 Duck Ship Tanager George  
#43 video games, and accessories Philip Handshy  
#44 Riley's Used Games Riley Autry  
#45 Freakuency Yesenia Rodrigues Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Ternura Estevez
#46 Pursuing Purpose Business Consultation Nathan Linquist Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#47 Forever Young Karina Beck  
#48 Selling Video Games Charles Halterman  
#49 Sweet Top Taylor Yoakum  
Zoe Nesbit
Sydnie Gummert
#50      Snail Ale Matt Wood Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#53 Gamer Heaven Kim Sanders Watch Elevator Pitch Video
#58 Price's Place Terry Price Watch Elevator Pitch Video
Geoffrey Price
#77 Cell City Chaz Quigly  
#79 The Syndicate Joshua Lake Watch Elevator Pitch Video



Shasta County

Team Name Team Members Elevator Pitch Link
Personal Quick Service Adriana

Click here to see Adriana: "Personal Quick Service"

Ma&B parties Beatriz


Click here to see Beatriz: "M & B Parties"

My Garage Breanna

Click here to see Breanna: "MyGarage"

Banana Fantactory Damin Click here to see Damin: "Banana Fantactory"
Tatto Artist Standards Hannah Click here to see Hannah: "Tattoo Artist Standards"
AK International Bakery Kayla Click here to see Kayla: "AK International Bakery"
Green Cafe Tamara Click here to see Tamara: "Green Cafe"
Backbreaker Labors Co. Tanner Click here to see Tanner: "Backbreaker Labors Co."
Tristen's Tasty Treats Tristen Click here to see Tristen: "Tristen's Tasty Treats"
Save ETM Amir Click here to see Amir: "Save ETM (Effort, Time, Money)"
CoolWave Darren Click here to see Darren: "CoolWave"
Nerdsgym Justin Click here to see Justin: "Nerdsgym"
Snow Cam Nathaniel

Click here to see Nathaniel: "Snow Cam"